Gravity Tower
3D duel logical game

Casual game/Logical game

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Gravity Tower is a game aimed to challenge players with calculating the correct move and predicting the outcomes of the next turn.
Each of your moves can be last or can lead your enemy into a trap. Take your time to make a turn and see what trap you can create for your enemy.

The base emotion of the concept is balancing and falling expectation.
Weight calculation mechanic
Weight calculation on the table is simply done by creating a corresponding 2d 3x3 array that holds amount of weight in each cell. Then by checking the amount of weight in the rows we can see the amount of total pressure on the table.

Table visual feedback
Table visual feedback is done on the basis of the weight values. By taking then rows weight I am able to define the degree by which table has to lean on both X and Z axis
Enemy AI
Opponent AI is realized by simply creating a special method that can return three positions that wont crush the table and then randomly choosing from them. There is additional random check on top of that would defined if the move would be calculated or will be completely random. This provides possibility to define in percentage how precise the enemy AI would be.
Casual logical game
Dev environment
Table balancing
Each block adds weight to the table. The only indicator players have is the visual leaning of the table and calculating the amount of cubes already put on the table.
Random based challenge
Each turn has a roll for the amount of cubes and what weight they would be for both player and enemy. The player is restricted each turn to only three random placements on the table.
Adaptive enemy
Simple but adaptive AI with a hidden roll each turn for either a calculated or random move, creating an unpredictable behaviour that is hard to anticipate.
Gravity Tower
Development process
Initial idea
Creating the digital game adaptation of the gravity tower table game.
First concept
Create a simple weight-based set up where each block adds to the total table weight and weight on the corner. By reaching the critical weight value, the table topples.
Task management
Development and realisation of the outlined mechanics and maintaining the constant loop of updates so game designers can adjust the game.
First builds
Finalisation of the core game and active testing, bug searching. Lacking the weight of visual feedback.
Bug fixing/Mechanic addition
Solving bugs that were found and tweaking mechanics. Adding missing mechanics to the game build and testing it out.
Beta build testing
Testing the solid project, finding incompatibilities of mechanics and minor visual reworks. Check the game on all required platforms.
Final build
Cutting down and polishing followed by optimisation of the build. Final design and art changes implemented.
Daniil Khokhonov
Cologne, Germany
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