Chechnya antigay crackdown
Humanitarian game project.

Turn-based puzzle game.


Game designer programmer

Chechnya anti-gay crackdown puts players in the role of anti-gay purge in Chechnya.
You will have to find a way to escape the camp and carry as many pieces of a story with him as he can. Each turn map changes making it harder with each step to proceed.

The core idea is to transfer experience of an actual victim. "Is it happening to me?".
Turn-based puzzle game.
Turn based gameplay
Each step considered as a turn, both for the player and the enemies.
Dynamic puzzle / Collectibles
Each turn provides new map set up possible for the player to explore.
Each mistake will cost life for the protagonist and game over for the player.
Chechnya Anti-gay crackdown
Gameplay video
Development process
Initial idea
Can we use games to mediate about serious problems and if yes can we use this to raise awareness about what's going on?
First concept
Using the turn based core make an escape game that represents the current events in Chechnya gay jail. Support this with the messages of real people and also provide possibility to directly donate and help the cause.
Task management
Development of the game core with
a whole team, the conceptual creation of the game through sketches, character/world building and main mechanics programming.
First builds
Creation of prototypes including developed graphics assets and mechanics separately, so they can be stored and used as templates lately. Active testing and bug searching.
Bug fixing
Solving bug problems that were found and twitching mechanics. Combining mechanics in one solid build.
Alpha build testing
Testing of a solid project, finding incompatibilities of mechanics and perception borders.
Final build
Cutting down and polishing followed by optimisation of the build. Small twitched followed by a final testing.
Next step
Building more levels and creating more interaction with a developed mechanic.
Creating a deeper story progression.
Provide gradually increase in difficulty.
Daniil Khokhonov
Game design/Programming
Cologne, Germany
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